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Time Out New York:

2010:      "While you need not be a hard-core Yankees fan to hit this narrow, wood-paneled sports dive, you'd better pretend to be one if you hope to commandeer one of two gas grills stationed on the back deck. (At the very least, refrain from announcing you're a lifelong Red Sox obsessive.) Reserve it ahead of time by ringing up the bartenders, who pour potent, sports-themed martinis on Wednesday nights, like the tart A-Raz ($8), made with Stoli Razberi vodka and blue raspberry and cranberry juices. Or maybe just go for a beer."



2010:      "Tradition trumps trends at Reif's Tavern. Drink beer, play pool, throw darts, or if you call ahead, you can BYOM—Bring Your Own Meat—for the outdoor grill on the backyard patio. The tight-knit regulars welcome a new face but it might be wise to keep your Red Sox shout-outs to yourself at this sports bar."



2005:      "Now this bar, at 302 East 92nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, is the real deal, opening in 1942 and looking as though it hasn't changed much since. There was an old wooden bar with a foot rest. The chairs looked fairly new, dark wood with black vinyl seats and somewhat fancy backs. The back bar is fairly simple, several large plain mirrors with tiered shelves above old wooden coolers and drawers and metal ice chests holding bottled beer and vodka. A couple of chalkboards had beers and beer specials written on them. Dusty rose walls above the mirrors. The brick wall opposite the bar had narrow mirrors above a narrow ledge with stools in front. Pictures of old baseball players and customers hung on the wall above the mirrors. There is a decent sized back room that had a nice pool table and a Black Buck Hunter game.

A couple of old regulars were in there talking about their health, the heat, and the cost of funerals. Somehow this led to a discussion of Ocean's 11, Monty Python, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Elvis imitators (they knew one) and Frank Sinatra. One of those conversations you generally only get into over a drink or two. I enjoyed myself."



2003:      "Although you could walk past this place a million times without knowing it exists, this cash only establishment has been at the same location for over 60 years. Equipped with a back patio for grilling your own food, as well as seven televisions connected to four satellites, this place is a haven for a neighborhood crowd that doesn't mind watching a Yankee game with an NYC cop or firefighter. With five beers on draft and no happy hour specials, the family atmosphere at Reif's Tavern is a nice change from anyone sick of wading through layers of bridge and tunnelers just to get a drink."

2002:       "Reif's is a solid neighborhood dive where the life stories of the locals pour as freely as the shots. Pass by once and there's a good chance you'll become a regular. It's the sort of place where talking shit is not only expected, it's encouraged. There are two grills on the back patio where you are welcome to cook your own food. Against all odds, the twentysomethings have discovered this gem and hang around the back room playing pool and darts on the weekends."


On your way to Reif's,
make sure you pick up a slice
from Claudio next door at Delizia!
See their website for a menu.

Reif's Tavern
302 East 92nd Street, btw 1st&2nd Ave.
New York, NY  10128

open noon - 4am, 7 days a week